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    most excited moment that i remembered
    Friday, January 30, 2015 - {0 Comments}
                 The title of today's blog was given by INTI's presentation skills lecturer, Ms Punitha. Before this, i didn't really think about my most interesting moment in my life that i remembered the most. 

                  The 1st thing that i remember is when my mum adopt a puppy from a wet market. That time my mum left it outside the house when he come first day. Then when my parents go back to my hometown to collect the puppy that my uncle gave. He is my Dog, Richie. that night I carried it to sleep with me. When he is awake and make noise, i carried it until it is asleep only i put it back to cage until the next morning.

                  The 2nd things happened during my form 6, when me and my classmates celebrate our beloved class teacher's birthday, Pn Rosliza. She didn't expect us to celebrate for her. Yet, we give a a surprise shock and create a scene where 1 of our class mate, was fainted so my friend fiona run to teacher to inform her about the news. Our class teacher ask us to stay far abit for our fainted classmate so that she have enough air to breath because we was surrounding her. The moment, when our teacher get closer we sang the song to her.

                  the 3rd thing i mention is my unforgetable 21st birthday with my gang of utar friends. THat night itself, my 1st friends that i know in utar, which is wei jie and cheryl called me go down the pool there to sing a song for me and cut the cake together with me. Even, my "father" in sg long house ask me to wait until 12am when i want to leave the house at 11:55pm that night just to wish me Happy birthday. Once,  I had 2 good friend, terrence and Vicky. Due to some reason, both of them argue for some time and didn't talk to each other. But on my birthday that day, after our lecture class terrence told me that he had argue with Vicky so he walk back alone and another 4 of us follow claire's car to go back. I really believe it because both of them looks like argue again from their face reaction. So, i just leave it. I went back to my hostel and do my things, watch dramas etc. While i was watching my drama, suddenly i receive a call from 1 of my gang of friends, mong saying that ask me faster go and meet them at cypress pool because terrence and vicky is fighting. So i really ran there after i put down my phone. The moment i tried to pull their hands off, i was grab by them to throw in the pool>< After i get out from the pool, the moment i have my vision, i got hit by 2 egg exactly on my head from vicky and terrence lol. On Vicky's birthday i miss the egg on his head, so they revenge back to me right exactly on my head lol. then after i wash my face that full with egg, i was get carry again and throw in the pool again for the 3rd times on my birthday. Then, they sing a song and cut the cake with me with my wet and soak cloth>< After celebrate birthday with them, i went back my house to take shower. While i shower until half, suddenly the lights off..>< saying that the electric city was cut down. My cute housemates even offer me a torchlight to hold it for me to wear my cloth. Then, they sing birthday song for me and cut the cake. That was the 1st and last birthday celebration in sg long with my utar friends and my housemates. 

                                To my gang of utar friends, sorry if i had did anything wrong or say anything wrong to you guys during my 1 year and 1 sem in utar. Thanks for coming to my world. I wish you guys all the bests.

                    The 4th things is the moment, my girl girl guinea pig born baby. I was so excited to see the new born babies. They are so cute and adorable.

    New semester, New Environment, New friends, Everything start over again
    Monday, January 26, 2015 - {0 Comments}
                 Time passes so fast. This week was the 2nd week i study in INTI College. To be honest, i still not use to the environment here, the people around, my class mates, the building itself and lastly the lift. firstly, the people around...too many students that smoke especially at the guard house. When in the lift, those who stand right at the corner that can control the buttons, they would not voluntarily hold the lift when someone wants to go out the lift. They won't say excuse me when they want to go out when there is people infront of them. No manners at all lol. When the time i enter class, everyone was sitting according to their gang. Actually they wasn't that friendly, from the way they speak to others and the lecturer, or else they won't speak at all. Most of them are on their earphones. When the lecturer is talking in front they can play their phones behind. INTI's building was big, when the 1st day of class, i lost my way, and have to ask 5 to 6 ppl in order to go to my blok and class lol. They had form the assignment group, and i have to join another group.

                 I know i had been complaining all this while. I was born in a complete family, Everything i want my parents will try to get for me. My results bad, my parents offer me a change. I did changed. After i changee.. i feel like everyday im forcing myself to laugh in front of others. I can eat whatever i want, i do have a car to drive to my campus provided i know the way. Why am i still unhappy? I get mad easily, though just a small matter. For example, today my mum want to show me the way to the place i do my community project which is Good year court 2. My mum lead the way wrongly, and causes me to make a U-turn. I get mad of that, My mood turn down. Good year Court 2..the building really looks old and junk. >< haiizzz and the building is hard to find.

              2 weeks before this which was the day my results out, and i decided to change course as my parents ask me to. I was totally in a bad mood and i don't know what to do and what course to take. I used my tears to wash my face at night lol when everyone is asleep until the day i go back sg long to pack my things.I just don't know why i feeling like a shit..want to cry.  Seriously i take the decision too quick. At first i didn't expect the class to start so early. I wasn't really prepare yet. Ok then i start my classes the same day as UTAR. I had plan to went for the I-camp on the 17-19 January 2015. But my parents don't let because i had left utar so no point joining utar camp anymore. I just don't understand, even if i continue studying there, y my parents won't let me to attend the camp. Not that the camp is going to teach me bad things, like rob the bank. Just get to know more people around. And from there u scare i am going to turn wild, don't like to study. In UTAR, i had missed 2 camp. 1st one is the 下乡团 really regretted for not joining. This is during my semester break last year May. I had attend the preparation for the camp but i still can't attend. my parents would rather give me go for penang and enjoy with my friends than attending this camp. Every time i think about it my tears out. The 2nd camp is the recent camp..KL escape- I camp. I had paid for it but i can't go>< SO ask my friend to replace me to go. Haizz.. Why i can't go for the camp.

           I know i have to stop complaining and move on. But sometimes really tired of it. I should be grateful of what i have now and keep it up. I need more time to settle down everything.

    Sunday, January 11, 2015 - {0 Comments}

    1st post in 2015
    Friday, January 9, 2015 - {0 Comments}
         My four weeks of holiday is going to end in four days time. Time pass so fast, few days later need to go back to boring place to continue my semester. Anyway can't wait for my semester to start, Had take a break for 4 weeks is time to go back to have a kick start. Results had came out yesterday yet i was back to probation status. Haiz. Why i will fail again.? I was wondering am i suitable with this accounting course or not.? Or i was just like what my ex roomate told me before this i am not suitable for it. Even my parents also said that im seems to be very stress all the time. My mood will be up and down, when going to exam time my mood down and im very stress., headache always. Did i look that way? This kind of question keep come to my mind...what do i really like? what i want to study? my mum also keep asking me this kind of question. the only answer that i can give is I DON'T KNOW, or see first.

           Can't really sleep since yesterday until now. My feeling now was like the 1st time i get termination and my parents ask me to come back nearby housing area to study. But i insist to try for the 2nd time in sg long. i ended up there unhappily and i manage to pass my test for 1 sem. then last sem took 4 sub then probation again because of that particular subject. Everyone is asking me to think properly whether to stop utar or continue. I don't know how many times of probation and termination im going to get in utar if i continue. I don't know how many times of heart attack that im going to get if i continue and i need few weeks to recover back to normal. How many times i have to cry for this.??? Maybe i shouldn't have cry now if i work really hard. So i decided to quit UTAR. But now the question is i don't know what to study.,what i really like? alot of things keep come to my mind. Is really sad to say good bye, but sometimes really no choice i do believe we will meet some other day. I am very emotional type, i scare i will cry again when i see my coursemates next week.

          This semester break, i thought of want to go and work to earn some pocket money but my parents don't let so i only can stay at home and wait for the time to pass. Just went out with friends a few times, then busy with puppies and bring my dogs for walk. Help my mum with the house chores, and watch drama at home. Everyday routine will be eat, movie, bring my dogs go out, feed guinea pigs, and sleep. 

    This year change a lot because everything have to do it alone without a bunch of crazy friends compare to last year January to May. Even, go to Camp also alone though still got others from different campus. This year, i had change course to other University. But don't know what uni only. I have to let go the 2 event that im handling which is Anime Cosplay Game and Asian Culture Trip. Sorry for being irresponsible. Hopefully everything goes well and all the best for your event. Sometimes being alone also a good thing. Don't have to worry or care what others is thinking about you, just do whatever you want. This saturday going to INTI open day to seek for counselor's advise and to find out what course should i enrol in. Hopefully everything goes well in this year. No more tears coming out after all.